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Argos Log Analyzer for Unica Affinium Campaign

Log Analyzer in Action - Demo

Argos Flowchart Viewer for Unica Affinium Campaign

Marketing Production Operations Platform (MPOP)

Our java-based MPOP is an OS independent environment configurable to client requirements to facilitate marketing production operational needs. It identifies priority and sequencing execution steps and operations, identifies the boundaries of a normal execution state, monitors the execution state, and provides reporting and analysis for planning and optimization.

MPOP consists of several modules that can be used together or separately to identify and address issues involved in a marketing production operations environment.

  • MPOP.Health

    Provides a visual status of the production system in an easy to understand color-coded form. At run time it can take input from multiple parameters from multiple systems and applications during their production execution, and translate them into a single parameter for the “health” function.

  • MPOP.Monitor

    Provides the ability to monitor the status of all systems (OS, networks) and applications that are identified as part of the customer production environment, reports on the results, and communicates the issues to designated personnel.

  • MPOP.Alert

    A configurable and extendable platform rule engine that is based on input from MPOP.Health and MPOP.Monitor. It executes notifications (such as sending emails with specific information), triggers events, etc.

  • MPOP.HelpCenter

    A server that collects all necessary artifacts that are needed to resolve business user questions, or communicate production issues to vendors or internal tech support.

  • MPOP.Scheduler

    Provides a scheduling mechanism and rules for production related executions and monitoring. The Scheduler acts as an integration point to existing scheduling applications: file pre- and post- processing, archiving, file movements, automated Quality Control processes, etc.

  • MPOP.Investigator

    Provides analysis of entire production environment over specific period of time in context of resource usage. Investigator identifies patterns of data and system usage and provides reports that support optimization decisions.

Production Support and Upgrade Services


Argos Group provides several types of services and specialized reports for customers who have implemented or will be implementing Unica’s Affinium Campaign and Affinium Suite products. These include:

Affinium Campaign Upgrade Services


Production Support and New Feature Implementation

Performance Monitoring and Optimization Services

Trend Analysis, Operational and Technical Reports

Affinium Campaign Upgrade Services

Argos has in-depth knowledge and experience with the processes, steps, and challenges associated with upgrading versions of Affinium Campaign. We have developed a methodology and structure to help clients achieve a successful outcome. Argos combines technical services of software installation and campaign migration and testing with advisory and training activities to help clients achieve a “business as usual” upgrade and develop the infrastructure and strategy to further utilize new features available in the latest software versions of Campaign. Argos provides these services through to the implementation in production.

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Production Support and New Feature Implementation

For clients who require help developing and executing campaigns, Argos provides “on-demand” production support and/or long-term production support. Argos’ staff has extensive experience in working with organizations to develop their campaign strategies and then to implement campaigns that support marketing and organizational goals. In addition, our staff’s combination of technical and product expertise allows it to utilize and implement new features in the product.

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Performance Monitoring and Optimization Services

Argos Group offers a subscription service to Unica clients that helps solve performance problems that may arise in time when running campaigns. Equally important, the service helps customers anticipate potential performance issues related to the use of Unica software. A series of trend reports is available to management that allow it to plan and anticipate the capacity and performance requirements for production environments.

The IT environments in which Unica software operates are complex and comprised of networks, databases, servers and multiple-platforms. Identifying and solving performance issues is difficult because of this complexity and the interrelation of the various IT systems. Argos has developed a unique approach to performance analysis and optimization that leverages its proprietary log analyzer software and cross-campaign analysis software.

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Trend Analysis, Operational and Technical Reports

The following types of reports are available for clients of this service:

Trend Analysis

Primarily intended for high-level audiences such as directors and decision-makers who require relevant summary information.



  • Changes in the number of processes by type (selects, merges, snapshots, etc) for an average campaign in production.
  • Total errors by month for all campaigns in production
  • Increase/Decrease in total errors from month to month for all campaigns in production
  • Changes in the number of records that an average campaign in production processes per run during a specified time period
  • Amount of time in hours of the average campaign run and how that changes during time


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Operational Reports

Primarily intended for Affinium Campaign specialists to develop Best Practices for Campaign development and to improve individual campaign developer system resource reuse and development skills.



  • Production or testing statistics per campaign or template and by user of that campaign or template.
  • Production or testing statistics consolidated per campaign or template
  • Production or testing statistics per user for all campaigns
  • User statistics can be collapsed into group statistics


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Technical Reports

Primarily intended for Information Technology specialists, production maintainers, problem solvers and others who are responsible for troubleshooting, maintaining and tuning production systems.



  • Worst Performing Processes – This report gives an indication of processes that are consuming the most time and likely increasing the run time for a campaign
  • Worst Performing Queries – Queries themselves are generally culprits in performance degradation
  • Session Comparisons of Technical Details – This report can give an indication of environmental variables that might affect performance
  • Gant Chart Analysis – This report helps problem solvers visualize the execution of a campaign.
  • Statistics on the performance per campaign of interest
  • Observed measurements against established thresholds
  • Total execution time of the campaign
  • Performance of queries sorted from longest running to shortest
  • Process performance from longest to shortest
  • Identification of possible problem areas
  • Suggested fixes where possible


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