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Argos Group White Papers

Optimization/Performance Monitoring Subscription Service
Argos Group is offering a subscription service to clients of Unica that will help solve performance problems that may arise from time to time when they run campaigns. Equally important, the service will help customers anticipate potential performance issues related to the use of Unica software. Available to management is a series of trend reports that allow it to plan and anticipate the capacity and performance requirements for production environments.

If-then Rules Search in Data: The Main Problems
The popular Data Mining systems use the algorithms of decision trees and constrained combinatorial sorting. The efficiency of the stated algorithms is estimated mainly in accordance with final results of an independent validation dataset or with the help of cross validation procedures. At the same time, we tend to overlook some principal drawbacks of the used approaches, which considerably downplay their importance in solving practical tasks. The article analyses the main problems of if-then rules search in data: the problem of attribute segmentation, the combinatorial problem, the lack of criteria for estimating certain rules, the problem of false laws in multidimensional data, etc.

Unit testing with domains
This article discusses some techniques of generating unit tests source code for object models. It assumes that the developer operates with some formely defined object model, which includes the entities, their attributes, constraints and relationships. The environment, where the model runs, is assumed to support at least level-1 transactions (the environment is concurrent, transactions may lead to dirty updates, unattended deadlocks are possible).